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Please check back for our next painting adventure!


To check out some photos from our 2015 and 2016 Italy trips search the tag #excellentpaintingadventure via instagram or see below to see photos from some of our workshops.


Cape Cod 2017
The marshes, dunes and waterways of the Cape inspired an endless number of the students' paintings. A 4 day trip to Cape Cod devoted to painting on location. Each evening we dined and critiqued our achievements to learn from what the individual artist experienced during the sessions but also from fellow students.

Amalfi Coast, Italy 2016
A 10 day trip to beautiful Italy! A painting workshop along the spectacular Mediterranean coast. Laura’s medium is pastels and William’s is oils. Light, color, time and essential impressions of the landscape will be on the docket. Participants worked plein air as much as weather permited using any medium they chose. Laura and William are both versed in a wide variety of mediums and encourage artists to work in any medium they feel comfortable with. Each day will offered three sessions, the morning sessions being more formal painting lesson with individual critiquing.

Perugia, Italy 2015
A 10 day trip to Italy. 7 days in the Perugia area staying at a agriturismo with sunflowers all around and then to Rome for 3 days.

Cape Cod 2012
A 4 day trip to Cape Cod devoted to painting on location. The artists were shown scenic areas to set up and paint with the medium of choice with instruction.


Laura and Billy provided an environment where we were able to concentrate on painting the wonderful landscapes. Being surrounded by so many talented artists was inspiring and fueled thoughtful and intellectual conversation about our art and techniques.
~ Kaitlin Duffy

I attended Laura's Excellent Painting Adventure in 2015 to Perugia. It was such a great experience I returned this summer for a trip to the Amalfi Coast. The trip was well organized and the accommodations were perfect. The workshop offered demo's, individual and group instruction, and critiques along with a multitude of cultural experiences. I look forward to another trip.
~ D. Fraser

I did my first workshop with Laura and Billy years ago. Well, I am hooked! I have done several workshops with them, two of them being in Italy which was a life changer for me. They have helped me to reignite my love for painting. I highly recommend a retreat with Billy Noonan and Laura Martinez-Bianco for beginners and expert artists alike.
~ K. Williams